For Good Measure

Writing & Cooking

May 5, 2022
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Someone once asked me why I write. I responded without hesitation, “Because I love to.”

My day starts with pencil to paper, journaling. What began as random musings, has seemingly turned into a cabinet of bound pages detailing the better part of my children’s lives. Motherhood changes you. 

Ironically, I began drafting a manuscript when I was pregnant with my eldest daughter. On a recent trip to NYC, I visited historic 103 Orchid Street in the Lower East side. Scenes lifted from that immigration story I had penned two decades before and drowned out the street noise. I watched my daughter cross the street and smiled thinking of how far we’ve come.

I’ll admit, several additional manuscripts have filled the years. One found wings with an ill-fated debut. The rest are part of my personal collection. My daughters read them. They prod me to write more. “A children’s book?” “Young adult?”

After tech writing through the pandemic, I’ve been able to refocus the last six months on a new project. A cookbook rooted in managing my daughter’s type 1 diabetes coupled with my love of all things culinary. I wanted to leave the hard work of blending both skills behind, both literally & tangibly. 

As every writer knows, publishing is an interesting business. Definitely not for the faint of heart. So I’ve put this latest project out there with the hope it will be the silver lining to my daughter’s greatest childhood challenge, as well as, inspiration to the millions worldwide who have lost their freedom to diabetes.

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