For Good Measure

April Showers

April 18, 2023

There’s a quiet that preludes chaos. While April has always been an active month filled with birthdays, holidays, travel, and end of the school year hullabaloo, this annual rotation I added in manuscript and content deadlines. I’m not saying the months leading up to this point have been calm, far from, but the routine created a sense of balance against the chaos of creation.

We are a family of creators. My father an architect, mother a sculptor, as I author this page I’m jetting headlong to New York City for Mia’s annual Cornell Fashion Expo. We are those people.  Humans with some innate drive to leave something behind – a lasting fingerprint on life with the intent to benefit humanity in some obscure, minute way. A gesture a little longer lasting than a smile to a stranger, if you know what I mean.

It’s in this alternate reality where I’ve lived for the last year. Writing, stirring and creating a stage set of my kitchen and home in order to illustrate the story I’m about ready to share. I can equate it to the final moments of pregnancy, the time when you hold everything still and contained with only the promise of what the future holds.

Over these next few weeks, I’ll slowly climb out of my own head and kitchen, reentering the real world. I’m looking forward to connecting more, visiting friends, thinking less … but most of all, holding the hand of this new book that’s about to be born.

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